Magister Stella Espresso Machine

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Technical Specifications: 

• Dimensions: D475mm xW280mm x H360mm
• Net Weight: 18kg
• Pump pressure: 9-14 ATM
• Boiler pressure: 1.2 ATM
• Tank: 2 Lt
• Boiler capacity: 1.5 Lt
• Power: 1500 W
• Tension: 230V – 50/60 Hz



• Classical, chrome-plated external group with lever

 • AISI 304-18/8 mirror-polish, a-magnetic stainless steel body

 • Self-level boile

 • Manometer for boiler pressure

 • Auto power shutdown system against resistor overheating

 • Auto power shutdown system in case of low level water in tank and boiler

 • Visual and acoustic warning systems in case of low level water in tank and boiler

• Professional outlet safety valve against boiler overpressure

• All pipes and boiler are cast in copper, all junctions are in brass and naval brass

• All materials abide by CE and UL/NSF protocols

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