Spidem Trevi Digital Plus Espresso Machine

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Product Specifications:

Adjustable coffee grinder : yes  

Quantity of ground coffee per serving: 6-9g

Capacity of the bean hopper: 350g            

Capacity of the dump box: 15

Water tank/capacity: 57oz

Electronic programming for quantity of coffee per cup: yes

Adjustable coffee dispensing unit: yes

Dispensing of 2 cups at the same time: yes

Pre-infusion system: yes 

Pre-ground coffee dose: yes

Hot water/steam nozzle Pannarello: yes

Swivel base: yes

Removable brew group: yes

Wash/cleaning cycle: yes

Automatic decalcifying cycle: yes

Machine housing /Cover: ABS

Boiler: Stainless Steel

Color: Brilliant Silver

Dimensions: 13x15x13 (in)

Weight: 19 lbs

Power Watt/Voltage: 1250W/230V

Pump pressure: ca. 15 bar

Digital display (LCD): yes

Control lights: yes

Rapid steam generator: yes (no downtime)

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