How To Place An Order

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1. Please read carefully our Terms and Conditions.
2. Before placing an order, email us first your inquiry, a return email reply
    from us will be sent to you for the current price(s) and the availability of the
    item(s) you wish to order.
3. Should you decide to purchase, you must confirm and acknowledge your
    final order by return email. Please note, we must receive your full payment
    in advance before we start processing your order. (see no. 9 of our Terms
    and Conditions)
4. All communications must be coursed only through either email, SMS
    (texting) or fax in order to keep records of the transaction.
5. Buyer(s) must furnish complete contact and shipping details i.e. full name,
    address, mobile phone or land line number and email address. In case
    there will be problem in processing his/her order, we will use the
    information to get in touch.
    Note: We will not be responsible for shipping delays if the buyer has not made
                full payment, gave inaccurate, erroneous or incomplete shipping details.
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